Winter Sewing Plans

Colder days are upon us and depending on where you are, it can be bitter cold which means that super warm layers are a must or it gets just cold enough that you need to wear a jacket over a few layers of clothing. That is why my sewing plans this winter are going to be focused around the concept of layering...

Getting Ready for Fall!

Fall weather is upon us and depending on where you live, you're getting ready for cooler weather! If you're like me and live in an area with really hot summer days, then cooler days sound pretty good right about now!...

The Process of Making a Tuxedo Inspired Jacket

Have you ever wondered how clothes are made? If so, then I have a few videos I think you'll enjoy!

Whether you're someone who dabbles in sewing, has thought about taking some sewing lessons or just find these types of videos satisfying or entertaining to watch...

Draft Your Own Circular Flounce Sewing Pattern

A flounce can elevate any garment by creating a flowing or fluttery effect and the best part is that it can be added to almost any part of a garment!

When drafting your own sewing pattern, it’s helpful to understand the basic principles and parts of a circular flounce.

Give someone the gift to be unique!

Give someone the gift to be unique!

Shopping for someone special, but not sure what to get them? We can help!

A Sonera Design gift card will give them the flexibility to choose a one-of-a-kind item that has been sewn with their petite proportions in mind!

*Gift cards are delivered by email with instructions on how to redeem them at checkout.

Give someone the gift to be unique!