My Winter Sewing Plans...It's all about layering!

My Winter Sewing Plans...It's all about layering!

My sewing plans this winter are going to be focused around the concept of layering.

Colder days are upon us and depending on where you are, it can be bitter cold which means that super warm layers are a must or it gets just cold enough that you need to wear a jacket over a few layers of clothing. That is why my sewing plans this winter are going to be focused around the concept of layering.

The inspiration began with a pair of pants I made from a couple of yards of stretch denim fabric that looked more like leather than denim. When I first saw this fabric, I fell in love with the leathery feel of the python print and my first thought was [this would be perfect for the winter season]. I decided that I would make a second pair of pants from a black scuba knit fabric, that way I would have a few options to mix and match with the rest of the pieces I plan to sew.

sewing layering pieces for the winter season

So, first things first – fabrics! The goal is to use fabrics I already have in my fabric stash. We're talking rayon twill, scuba knit, stretch denim and sequined velvet. I’ll also be upcycling some thrifted pieces (sweater knits) to make a couple of tops. 

Here is how I plan to create the layers:

Base Layers

Let's lay the groundwork with some essentials. The tops will be made from the upcycled sweater knits. The tops will be sleeveless, which are great for removing some layers on the days it gets warmer in the afternoon. They will also have a mock turtleneck which will look great under a blazer.

Middle Layers

These are the pieces that are perfect for those days when the temperatures drop a bit! I will be making a blazer, a cropped jacket and a bomber jacket. The blazer will have an interesting overlay detail that matches the pants, giving it a suit vibe.

I don’t have any plans to travel anywhere that gets super cold this year, so outer layers are not part of the plan for this season. Maybe next year’s plan will call for a winter coat and if that’s the case, I already have a couple of fabrics in my stash that would be perfect for it! But for now I just need lighter layers that will work perfectly for the milder weather here in Florida. 

Sewing for the winter season

If you want to see the fabrics and sketches for all of the pieces I plan on making this winter season, click the video image above to watch the full video. As always, please feel free to head over to the comments section with any questions or requests for specific topics. See you over on YouTube ;-)

Stay fabulous my friends!

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