What type of “Petite” are you?

Petite women come in all shapes and sizes

I was inspired to write this blog post after a conversation with my daughter, who is also petite. During our conversation we stood next to each other to compare our body shapes and realized how different our waist levels are even though we are the exact same height.

We are both 4' 11" but our proportions are not the same, she is long waisted (long torso/shorter legs) and I am short waisted (short torso/longer legs).

This got me thinking about other petite women and all the different body types that create very specific needs when it comes to shopping for clothes. Just because you are a certain height does not mean your proportions will be the same as other women of the same height.

Getting familiar with your body type (both shape and proportion) can help when it comes time to shop, especially when shopping online. If you are looking for more information about body type (shape), I recommend a post on "How to Dress for Your Body Type" by Chi Li of PetiteDressing.com.

How is your body proportioned? Are you short waisted, long waisted, or evenly proportioned (length of torso is in proportion with length of legs)? What do you struggle with the most? Tops? Bottoms? Or Both?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below or over on the gram!


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  • Kath Bourne

    Short waisted and apple shape not an easy conbination

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